"Be interesting, tell the truth, and live the truth"
The most basic advice, and yet the essence of any branding process. Laid out in 1895 by John Powers, the father of modern advertising.

Corporate Branding

Be interesting
Find the core of your business, the centre of your activities, the narrative of your product portfolio and communicate it in a simple and compelling way.

Tell the truth
Your brand is rooted in your heritage, your strategy, your employees, - your brand position must be true to that.

Live the truth
When your brand position is established as a tool to communicate, the very essence of this position must flow into all activities in the organisation – e.g. customer service, events, recruitment and campaigns.

Most activities in the organisation add to the corporate brand, and so does the external conversation about your brand. You need to priorities and focus to find the right tools to manage your brand.

kreutzfeldt is a Copenhagen-based communications and brand management consultancy. kreutzfeldt supports you in corporate communications, brand strategies, activation and design management.

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