Managing your visual brand
A visual identity is much more than a logo. It’s a strategic communication platform that can boost your business if you manage it well.

A lot of time and money is spent on developing visual identities, but most organisations don’t get return on their investment, simply because the visual identity is not managed strategically.


Unleash your design guide

Your visual identity is as good as the number of dedicated users. Hence the purpose of the design guide is communication - not documentation (in Danish).
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Good or bad design cop?

My thoughts on brand and design guides (in Danish).
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Many organisations face situations like these

Make your visual identity a strategic asset
... if discussing design ends up in personal preferences on colours
... and you want a strategic discussion about your visual brand.

Get the organisation to embrace the corporate visual identity
... if all departments want their own logo
... and you need them to endorse your corporate identity.

Get top management buy-in
... if top management isn’t used to investing in design
... and you need to get their support for the visual identity.

Set up processes for handling design
... if your logo and design are cool but nobody knows how to find help or approval
... and you need to set up the organisation and processes for handling design.

Take your visual identity global
... if the visual identity works fine locally
... and you want to go global to a world-wide audience.

Prioritise your design budget
... if your needs for design are higher than the budget
... and you have to make a strategic prioritisation.

Plan a new visual identity
... if it is time for a new visual identity
... and you have to find the right way to plan and facilitate the project.

Re-vitalise your visual identity
... if your identity is losing consistency and too many colours prevail
... and it’s time to clean up and define clear processes.

Create the right brief for the agency
... if it is hard to specify what you need
... and you want a document that secures mutual understanding and clear deliveries.

Build the modern brand guide
... if only a few people understand what the design guide is all about
... and you need a modern brand guide that serves the needs for the organisation, agencies and business partners.

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